Facebook Introduces Live Audio Broadcasting Feature And Will Be Available Soon


From past few weeks, we are seeing Facebook adding numerous updates to its apps such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Back in April, the social media giant comes up with live video streaming feature allowing everyone to create and share live videos. Whereas now, Facebook announced its testing a live audio feature that will be soon available across the world.

The new live audio broadcasting feature will be under testing phase for next few weeks. Hence, Facebook is working with various partners such as BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins, and authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett. The live audio broadcasting feature will then turn out extensively available for publishers and other users in somewhere in 2017. The Social media giant alleges that it knows that often publishers want to tell a story ” with words instead of video.”

And, this is the reason of coming up with the new live audio broadcasting feature. Aside from that, it’ll also be helpful in times, when your can’t go live on video because of poor network connectivity. Similar to live video feature, you can also explore audio content in news feed, comment, share the broadcast you discovered with your friends and so on. Luckily, the Android users can continue listening to the live audio even if they left the Facebook or lock their phones. On the other side, on iOS, the users can only listen to live audio only when they are browsing on Facebook.



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