Daydream View will support Google Cardboard in Upcoming Days


Before the release of Daydream and the Daydream View Headset, Google made an entry to VR with Cardboard. Its headset was made up of Cardboard which was straightforward and available with low price, along with an app environment for Android. However, the Cardboard and it’s headset outmoded by the launch of Daydream view. Now the question arises in many Daydream users minds are, what about Cardboard? Is it possible to use Cardboard Apps on Daydream View?


Right now, it’s impractical, allegedly, because the cardboard apps can’t yet use the Daydream, view controller. But the good thing is, it recognizes that you have Daydream View. That gesture makes out that the incompatibility will not last for longer days.

According to Ausdroid, the Google’s cardboard team is tirelessly working on to make cardboard work with Daydream View, and it’s controller. In upcoming days, the company will roll out a new VR SDK along with an API, for using the Daydream View controller as the cardboard button. After that, all apps designed for cardboard will also be able to work on Daydream view without any hiccups.

It would have been nice if it was done earlier to the launch of Daydream view. Nevertheless, somehow it’s possible to make cardboard apps work on Daydream.



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