Instagram now supports Boomerang videos, Mentions, Adding links in stories


Instagram has been striving hard to engage their users by implementing new features to its social network. It has filched most of the features from its rival, Snapchat. Last month, Instagram brought the stories inside the Explore tab, whereas now it allows you to share Boomerang videos in stories. Boomerang is a separate app which lets you create looping videos which are similar to GIFs images and that can be easy to share on Instagram.


On swiping right from your feed you’ll access the stories camera, a new option is present from where you can select standard snapping mode or boomerang mode. When you choose boomerang style, it combines your bunch of photos into a little video, which plays forward and backward automatically. It’s also now possible to mention people in stories, by the same way you used to say them in captions and comments. Type “@” following a username and select the person you’re referring. Then, it will highlight the username in your story, and people who tap on that will be taken directly to their profile. You’ll get a notification when someone mentions you in their story.

Now there is a possibility to verified users for adding links into their stories. When this occurs, you’ll get a “See More” link at the bottom of a story. However, right now this is in testing; we hope that it in upcoming days will be available for all accounts instead of only celebrities. You can download the Instagram App for Android, Windows, and iOS from below links.

Android | iOS |Windows

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