Apple’s patent hints at under-display biometric and gesture control tech for future devices


Apple is reportedly working on incorporating under-display sensors into its upcoming devices, including iPhones and Apple Watches. According to a new patent, these sensors could be used for biometric identification, including Face and Touch ID, as well as interpreting hand gestures made in front of the device to control various applications.


However, a display tech expert has revealed that the implementation of under-panel Face ID technology might not be possible until 2025 or later, due to sensor-related issues. Despite the challenges, Apple’s engineering teams are exploring various approaches to overcome the issues and determine the best way to implement the technology.

The patent also outlines the use of a quantum film infrared sensor, which could include light sources and quantum film photodetectors, to generate sensor data based on the received infrared light. The control circuitry could then process the data to perform proximity sensing, capture images of external objects, identify facial features, detect the direction of a user’s gaze, track object location, and detect physical gestures.

Additionally, there are reports that Apple has experimented with an under-display version of Touch ID for the iPhone, which could potentially be reintroduced in conjunction with Face ID for added security. However, it is unlikely to be included in the upcoming iPhone 15 or other high-end models in the near future. Instead, it may only make a return on lower-end models like the iPhone SE.



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