Xiaomi’s 60th and 61st Smart Home Products to be launched on Feb 14


Recently, Xiaomi announced via Weibo that on 14th February, Xiaomi will be launching two new smart home products. These two home products will be Xiaomi’s 60th and 61st smart home products. The 60th and 61st smart home products are expected to be a smart guitar and a GPS enabled child wristwatch respectively.

The smart guitar teaser points out that new users will get to know the usability of the gadget within just 10 minutes via an instructional video. Quite frankly, that is nearly impossible but the teaser conveys this. When the instructor plays the guitar in the instructional video, LED lights light up displaying real time fingering.

Currently available Smart guitars in the market cost around 1000-2000 yuan. However, we don’t know anything regarding the price of either the smart guitar or the GPS enabled child wristwatch yet.



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