Xiaomi has sold only 6 million units in Q1 2016, disappointing result


Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing smartphone vendor specially in China. They made huge sales last year but since Q4 of 2015, they see a decline in the market. The smartphone sale dropped a lot last year, and now again Xiaomi is experiencing a downgrade in their sales.

Xiaomi smartwatch, Xiaomi

According to the report, they have sold only 6 million units in Q1 of 2016 which is very low for Xiaomi. Xiaomi President Lin Bin said that the sale dropped due to high-end smartphones and supply chain. After the release of Mi5 there was a severe shortage of Qualcomm chipset and due to that Xiaomi has completed only 30% of the demand of Mi5. Based on the market supply and demand ratio Xiaomi has around 8 million units gap in Q1 and that clearly shows why the company suffered a lot.

Lin Bin also said “There will be one to two high-performance, high-end phones disruptive product launch. Among them, in July will push a high-end, high-priced, unique new products.”

According to the rumors, it is expected that Xiaomi is going to launch their Notebook and Mi Edge smartphone. For a curved display smartphone, they are going to take screen panels from Samsung or LG. The display of the devices will be either 5.5-inch or 5.7-inch.


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