Apple announced a design patent for iWatch 2, Camera module on the front or both side


While we all are busy with iPhone 7 then Apple just announced their new design patent for iWatch which clearly shows the camera module on the right edge. It is possible that Camera module might come on the front or the both sides. It was already a rumor that next iWatch 2 is coming with Camera. Camera module can be used as a spy cam and take stolen shots.

Apple iWatch 2 design patent

Apple recently launched their new watchOS 2.0 for iWatch at WWDC16 and made a hell lot of improvement. The first gen products always come with some drawbacks and Apple is ready to come up with something new and unique which will attract the users. Until now there was no smartwatch with the Camera module, and Apple is going to do it. If you want to know what more features should be included in the new Apple iWatch 2 you can check the below video.