Xiaomi Pocophone F2 Specifications, Release Date, and Price


Yet again Xiaomi has shaken the Android market with its budget-oriented flagship smartphone Pocophone F1. Everyone in the town is talking about this smartphone because of its attractive value and high performance. With just one phone Xiaomi has almost killed its competitors at least for now in the sub ₹30k range.

The device is already available in many countries including India with an attractive price starting at ₹20,999. While everyone is talking about Pocophone F1, Xiaomi is already working on their next project which is Pocophone F2. The project is not going to be easy as the company has to deliver more new powerful specs at a very cheap price.

Xiaomi’s main target is to compete with OnePlus. To compete with OnePlus 6 they launched Poco F1 and now OnePlus will refresh their lineup with 6T by the end of the year. So to stay in the business Xiaomi will also have to refresh the lineup.


Pocophone F2 Specifications

Rumors have already started to come on this smartphone. While Poco F1 is using Snapdragon 845 chipset the next version Poco F2 may come with Snapdragon 855 SoC. If Xiaomi is thinking to cut the cost in this matter then they may go for Snapdragon 850. While Snapdragon 850 is not a huge improvement from the 845 SoC as benchmark results show only a 7.3% increase in performance. Also, Qualcomm said that the SD 850 SoCs will be optimized for PCs.

Pocophone F2 may come with a smaller notch on the top if they drop the idea of iPhone-like FaceID. They may also implement OPPO Find X style mechanism for the front cameras and sensors which is expected to come on Mi Max 3 Pro. But it is quite possible that this mechanism will be available for the premium variant only.

Pocophone F1 has an inbuilt LiquidCool Technology to cool down the device while heavy gaming. In the next version we hope Xiaomi will implement an even better cooling technology like Samsung Galaxy Note9.

POCO F1’s base variant is aggressively priced. By the time Poco F2 launches there will be new smartphones in that price segment. So there’s a big chance that we may see even better pricing for the base variants. While the premium variants will compete with the OnePlus flagships.

The camera of POCO F1 is very good compared to its price range. But there’s always a room to improve camera performance. So we hope the cameras in Pocophone F2 will be far better than now. Xiaomi is doing a very good job with AI specially in cameras. Their edge detection technology is very good so we hope the portrait mode performance will be much better in 2019.

In POCO F2 we may see a slight improvement in battery life. The battery is expected to be upgraded from 4000mAh to 4300mAh in POCO F2. The software will also be optimized. With the help of AI, the overall performance can be improved.

As of now, we don’t have any specific details of specifications on Pocophone F2. But we will update all the details as we get any new information.

Pocophone F2 Pricing

Pocophone F2 is expected to be priced somewhere between $320 to $399 for the base variants. While the premium variants with more RAM and storage will be priced at $420 or more.



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