Xiaomi announces MIUI 9: Smartest MIUI Rom Ever!


The latest MIUI 9 by Xiaomi has been made official and is so far the fastest, smartest and the most optimized version of MIUI. The latest version of MIUI brings in a lot of software improvements and optimizations which will lead to faster app launch times than any other MIUI version till now.


Apart from optimizations leading to a better UI experience, the MIUI 9 also brings in a lot of new features. Here are the MIUI 9 features:

  • Intelligent acceleration of CPU and thread scheduling optimization will ensure super-fast app launches.
  • A new image search engine is introduced to MIUI that can help you find images in your gallery by searching for details about people, events, and locations that are featured in those photos.
  • A new Smart assistant is featured that will help you in completing day-to-day tasks with ease.
  • Smart app launcher will auto-launch applications based on the contents that are displayed on-screen.
  • Data from business cards, documents, ID cards, passports etc., will be auto-archived.
  • New app icons.
  • Redesigned editor for the home screen.
  • Notifications will be auto-filtered to prioritize important notifications.
  • Text messages will now be grouped based on time so that multiple messages can be viewed instantly based on time and can be deleted quickly as well.
  • Volume control buttons can be used to set the device to silent mode or do not disturb or silent mode. Silent and do not disturb modes can be timed to switch ON and OFF automatically.

Some of the features of MIUI 9 like the Smart Image Search, Smart App Launcher, and Smart Assistant will be only available in the Chinese build of the ROM initially. And support for features will also vary depending on devices. The closed beta release of MIUI 9 will start from July 27 on the Redmi Note 4 and Mi 6 Smartphones.

The public beta ROM release of MIUI 9 in China will begin on August 11 for the Mi 5X, Mi 6 and the Qualcomm variant of the Redmi Note 4X Smartphones. Whereas, starting August 25, other devices such as the Mi 5, Mi  Mix, Mi Note 2, Mi 5s, Mi Max 2, Mi 5c, Mi 5s Plus, Mi Note Pro, Redmi 4X and Mi 4c in China will receive the beta release update of MIUI 9.

Even though we do not have any details on the global release of the MIUI 9 yet, the release in China for all Redmi and Mi devices except the older Mi 1/1s/2A devices will begin by late September.

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