WhatsApp Messenger to receive PiP Video Calling feature


The WhatsApp Messenger beta version 2.17.265 for Android devices arrives with a new feature. However, the new feature is available by default to those users whose devices are powered by Android O Developer Preview. Meanwhile, the feature allows you to minimize the video call window from larger to smaller one. On doing so, you’ll be able to keep video call going and answer to other WhatsApp conversation as well.

However, we are not sure if the small window with the video chat is floatable or not so that we can drag and place it anywhere on the screen according to our needs. Moreover, it isn’t clear that video conversation would even continue after minimizing the app. If this happens, then WhatsApp would be the first video calling app to enable this type of multifunctional feature on a smartphone platform.

If you are an addictive WhatsApp user, do let us know your views about this new upcoming feature, how helpful it’ll be for you?



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