Super Mario Run 2.0.0 APK Download for Android Devices


After keeping the fans and customers waiting, finally, Super Mario has been launched in Google Play Store. One of the oldest game which every gamer might have played in past is all set to be played on android devices. On March 23rd, Super Mario Run hit the Google Play Store. The article is specially dedicated to all the Mario lovers. Now you can start playing the most played title Super Mario Run on your Android phones or tablets.



Download Super Mario Run For Android Devices

1. At first, head over to Google Play Store and search for Super Mario Game. In case, if you don’t find the Mario run game in the search results, just follow this link to directly download the Super Mario Run latest version.

2. The installation of the Super Mario app will be completed automatically if you are downloading it from Google Play Store or APKMirror.

3. Open the Super Mario Run Apk file and install it. Once the installation process is completed, just open the game and sign in with Google Play account.

4. Signing with a Google Play account is compulsory in order to save your game’s progress and other game related data.

That’s all; now you are all good to jump into the Mario world.

Before downloading the game, make sure you have at least 70 MB of storage space on your Android device.

Pros Of Super Mario Run

Well, Super Mario Run is a great game in itself. Here are a few pros of this game which is filled with excitement and fast-paced mechanics.

Challenge Mode

Once you start progressing, the game starts challenging your skills by throwing the bunch of obstacles in your way. The challenge mode and time differ each time you play the game. So overall, it’s a great time game for active minded players.

Easy Controls

The Game has a simple control system which makes it super easy to play and hard to master. In the game, Mario runs on his own; you don’t have to do anything to make Mario Run. However, you have to avoid the obstacles by making jumps at necessary points.

Micro Transactions

Micro Transactions is an addition to the game which takes it to an another level. You might have to spend tons of hours on this game if you want to unlock what you are looking for. But with Micro Transactions, you can unlock a variety of stuff by paying the money.

Stylish and Glossy Moves

Super Mario Runs packs a few stunt type of special moves which can be used to bypass the unavoidable obstacles in the game. You can make Mario perform midair spins, jumps, wall jumps and much more just by tapping on your screen.

Attractive Storyline

Every game requires great story line to be called as a good game. Super Mario Run has got the decent story line. Your mission is to rescue the princess from the Bowser’s clutches. You can also travel through plains, caverns, etc. to reach the princess’s location.

Cons Of Super Mario Run

Every game will have the drawbacks. So does the Super Mario Run, the very first thing which I hate about Super Mario Run is that it forces you to pay a sum of 9.99$ in order to play the full game. If you don’t wish to pay the price, then you will get a small taste of the Super Mario Run.

The game is more focused on Pay to Play kind of concept. In other games, you can purchase any specific product or item in order to increase your performance and progress in the game. But in Super Mario Run, you must have to pay the money at certain places in order to play further.

So, guys, these were the Pros and Cons of the Super Mario Run game. Well, I really didn’t find any cons other than pay to play concept in this game. You just have to make the 10$ purchase in the game which quite disappointing. Do let us know your thoughts regarding the game and its features in the comments section.

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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
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