Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes gets ships on the new update for Android and iOS


Galaxy of Heroes, the best mobile game in the Star Wars franchise has just received a new update with the addition of ships in it. The new update is rolled out on both Android and iOS platforms, which you can download via Google Play and Appstore. The addition of classic Star Wars ships into the game comes with more gameplay content and plenty of new levels in it.

star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-apkWith this new update, you’ll also be able to engage in space battles and collect Star Wars ships, including TIE fighters and the iconic Millennium Falcon. The new update allows the players build with the most excellent composition to boost their ship’s influence in war. As well as, you can also set up and upgrade your dominant ships, containing the Grand Moff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer, the Executrix.

Adding to it, you can now send a crew of heroes in ships along with a Fleet commander to guide them. However, the players will be able to unlock rare items and earn Ship Blueprints by battling against others on PvP Fleet Arena.

Download now: Android (Google Play)| iOS (App Store)


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