Skype for Business app is now fully integrated with CallKit API on iOS 10


Microsoft has continuously added new features to Skype like anyone can use Skype without an account, uninterrupted Group calls and so on. Right now, Microsoft has completely integrated its Skype for Business app with the CallKit framework on iOS 10. After the integration, iPhone users will receive the direct Skype for business calls as regular cellular calls. That means, now the users will be able to answer the calls directly from the lock screen.


Apart from this, the integration also lets you switch between calls across Skype for Business like your personal cellular line and other VoIP apps that work with CallKit. If you are on important Skype for Business call and meanwhile you receive a call which you must pick up it. You can either keep the Skype for Business call on hold and accept the incoming cellular call or send it to voicemail.

All of these features are available by default to all the iOS users. However, if you don’t want the Skype for Business calls to appear in regular iOS call log. You can disable the integration of CallKit using the built-in IT and user controls. To get the new features of Skype for Business, you must upgrade the app to its latest version via App Store.