Skype’s new update for iOS allows you to send messages using Siri


A Few days ago, Microsoft announced that they are planning to modernize Skype with an improved look and better performance. It looks like Microsoft has first executed their plan for iOS devices, and has rolled out a new update for Skype for iOS. It allows the user to send Skype messages to Skype contacts using Apple’s Smart assistant, Siri.

Skype for iOS

The new update 6.27.1 also lets you check your recent messages, and Favorites on the Apple watch like before.

Here’s the What’s new section you can see.

What's New

We are constantly working to make Skype better for you. With this new update you
· Send Skype messages to your Skype contacts using Siri
· View your Skype recent messages and Favorites on the Apple Watch again



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