Samsung will unveil a foldable Smartphone in 2017


As per recent reports, Samsung is working on foldable handsets. Moreover, one of the foldable Smartphone is also expected to release in 2017. The device might get unveiled in at CES or MWC events. The device will come with two displays.

The foldable Samsung handset will have a hinge in the middle which will allow the device to take 3 positions. One position will have both the displays face outward, that will allow the device to have one screen on the front and other in the back.

samsung foldable phone

Another position will have two displays facing each other. This will protect the glass from breaking while it is shifted from one place to another.

As far as the third position is concerned, it will allow users to use the device as a large tablet-sized display, with both screens combined.

The reports further convey that Samsung will not hurry up in the market with its foldable Smartphones. The Koran Company will start slowly, estimating the total market demand for the product.

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