Samsung Starts Mass Producing Galaxy S8 Devices in Vietnam’s Production Unit


Samsung has scaled up the production process for its upcoming Galaxy S8 in Vietnam, and mass producing the device with a lofty expectation of selling more than 10 million units. The information has been given out in a report by Korea’s Naver publication.


The report has further stated that Samsung will manufacture around 4.7 million and 7.8 million flagships of Galaxy S8 in March and April respectively. This means, there would be an exact number of 12.5 million Galaxy S8 units available in the first month to purchase. For those who aren’t aware of the news trail, Samsung’s next devices will be made official on March 29.

However, whatever has been told so far is just some informative fragments from a Korean news piece. So, the credibility of the news is yet to be ascertained.

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