Latest TENAA Certification Shows New Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Variant


The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 was launched last year alongside the critically acclaimed Xiaomi Mi Mix. However, certain hurdles in the production phase meant that the Mi Note 2 was not ready for mass sales. The main issue is said to be of the LG-made OLED display of the Mi Note 2, which is said to be flexible.

The LG-made OLED display flexible display is said to be the main reason for the delay in Mi Note 2 sales as the display manufacturing process is time-consuming.


Now we are already seeing TENAA certification of an upcoming Xiaomi device that seems like a new variant of the Mi Note 2. The model number of the device on TENAA is 2015212, which closely resembles the model numbers of the 4GB and 6GB RAM Mi Note 2 variants at 2015211 and 2015213 respectively.

Even though the TENAA listing did not feature any image of the upcoming Xiaomi device, we do hear some details and leaks about the hardware specifications of the device. The upcoming alleged Xiaomi Mi Note 2 variant will feature low RAM as compared to the other Mi Note 2 variant currently available, and might also feature a normal OLED display panel instead of the flexible-type panel in order to boost manufacturing. So far we know that the device will have a 5.7inch display, will be 7.6mm thick and will feature a 4070mAh battery as well.

Stay tuned with us for more details on the device as it comes.




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