Samsung sold 90 million smartphones and 8 million tablets in Q4 2016


Samsung has gained 50 percent of profit in Q4 2016 only by manufacturing display for other companies. Though the Galaxy Note 7 failed to a great extent and it seems that the blunder hasn’t affected the firm’s revenue. And now, we came to know that Samsung has probably sold over 90 million smartphones and 8 millions tablets in 2016.

According to the financial report, the IT and Mobile Communications has a sales revenue of KRW 23.61 trillion ($18.8 billion) and operational profit of KRW 2.50 trillion ($2 billion) for Q4 2016. However, the number of devices sold out is an estimation found on Korean news agency, The Investor. The South Korean company never discloses the numbers of devices it has sold. But the figures precisely exhibits that even undergoing the Note 7 debacle the sales division hasn’t affected much.