Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus To Notch Better Sales Than Galaxy S8: Report


A new report has suggested that Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is going to be sold in larger quantities than Galaxy S8. However, the interesting point is that the South Korean giant has not yet announced the Plus model. But if Galaxy S8 is coming up with an edge-to-edge display, the question about Galaxy S8 Plus just doesn’t arise.

As an alternative to Galaxy S8’s 5.7inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus model is with a larger 6.2-inch dual-curved edge screen. In fact, this could be the only difference between the two models if Samsung decides on launching a ‘Plus’ model.

However, if Samsung learns from its past, where it struck a successful balance between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the company can consider the idea of producing Galaxy S8 Plus models with a 7:3 sales ratio.



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