Rumors point to an iPhone 9 with 6.46-inch display


We have heard the rumor mill making some noise surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S9 already, so why not talk about the iPhone 9 as well. Well, we now have an interesting leak for Apple’s 2018 flagship devices for you today. Their displays will be huge.

iphone 7 plus

A report that follows Samsung and Apple’s contract for OLED display panels has revealed that the iPhone 9 will come in two sizes. The smaller one will have a 5.28-inch display. And the larger model will dwarf even the Galaxy S8 Plus to have a huge 6.46-inch display. In contrast, today’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are available in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes. Since the report follows the OLED display panel contract, it is believed both the iPhone 9 models will have OLED displays.

Now we don’t have any details on the full size of the 2 devices, but with smartphone OEM’s going bezels, and rumors also pointing to the iPhone 8 to follow in Samsung’s footsteps (some Apple fans might not like this), it is fair to say that the iPhone 9 models will also arrive with very small bezels.

The Bell’s report as it is called doesn’t give away any other specification details of the iPhone 9 but it states that Samsung is ramping up its production of OLED displays including a plan to build a new plant to cater to their biggest customer, Apple. Internal forecasts expect Samsung to sell 180 million OLED displays for the iPhone 9 alone. The report also clarifies that design changes and adjustments may be made in the future. So don’t jump your horses just yet.



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