Rockstar releases GTA Online Deadline Mode with Tron-Style Shotaro Bike and and outfits


Rockstars, the game developer of GTA Series, has recently released a new mode for Grand Theft Auto, Deadline – an adversary mode for GTA online, together with the Nagasaki Shotaro, the common bike used to play the way. The Shotaro resembles similar to Tron, with a glowing neon track in deadline mode. It can unlock for purchasing by playing Deadline mode for the first time along with the next deadline outfit. On purchasing the Shotaro, you will get a Nagasaki logo T-shirt in the game for a short period.


Deadline is a 4-player stadia deathmatch, in which each participant appears in different colored Shotaro, with which they’ll compete with others for an instant kill, with three power-ups helping you, as you go about cyberspace-y business.The players will get double the money and RR for taking part in deadline until 23rd November. The update is free and available to download, what do you think about start gaming!!



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