Assassins Creed’s new title Egypt Empire to be released soon


Last year, a huge bulk of information has outsourced regarding Assassins Creed Empire. It is expected to be the next upcoming title release of Assassins Creed game. So we cinched to scrape together all the information concerning Assassin’s Creed Empire, to make you know about it.


Few writers have previously reported that the main characters in all the earlier games were not linked. They just came combined in Desmond, by which he got the bloodlines of all those traits. But there is a high chance of an Egypt-set game character being an ancestor of Altaïr and even of Ezio too hinging on time settings. The game will also take strong hunch from The Witcher 3 which will be good to us if they don’t change the game resembling into RPG style. It will be great if they take only good stuff from all the AC games to make this an amazing one. Such as Brotherhood’s assassin NPCs, Unity’s customization, and co-op aspect, and Black Flag’s naval combat.

Additionally, less history to take inspiration means, more liberty to do creative things. It’s very disappointing to see those sleek, badass style of assassins in Unity and Syndicate. In unity, you can modify your assassin as you wanted to, and he looked impressive with the color schemes and everything. It sounds like that it’ll be more boorish, more old fashioned, particularly how far they are going back. They might be introducing it in the present day storyline, because of what happened at the end of the syndicate. However, we are pumped up for the new title release of Assassin’s Creed, share your thoughts in comments and do subscribe for more updates.



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