Re-Volt 3 RC Car Racing Game is now available for Android and iOS


Re-Volt is one of the famous racing game available for mobile devices having more than 50 million downloads on all platforms. And, right now the Franchise has unveiled it’s third title “Re-Volt 3” in the series for both the Android and iOS devices. Some of the gamers consider prior games are better than the new one.


In Re-Volt 3 game you’ll experience the original RC car racing with more than 50 authentic RC cars. In this game, there are numerous types of cars available such as buggies, monster trucks, race cars and so on. Additionally, you can also create your RC car on own and customize it looks by adding paints, skins, mirrors, etc. As well as, you can also upgrade your car to improve its performance and speed which will help you while chasing your rivals.

Moreover, the Re-Volt 3 game is of new design with realistic graphics and enhanced controls. It features an enthusiastic storyline based modes with more than 100 stages where only limited cars take part in the race. While racing, you can also shoot at your rivals with a wide variety of items to decrease their speed. There is also a Grand Prix mode in which the players compete against with random opponents around the world. The game also provides a multiplayer mode which allows real-time network play with other casual players.

Right now, We Go Interactive has cinched to held a launching event for one month to celebrate the global release of its game. In that event, players will get freebies for a 7-day daily login prize with game coins and upgrade items. It also includes premium cards for completing specific stages, likewise, stages specific events to attain car parts.

You can download the game from Google Play | App Store.


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