Qualcomm introduces Clear Sight Dual Camera tech similar to Huawei P9


Today, we see dual cameras in many handsets of various brands but the trend is spreading day by day. Recently, Qualcomm disclosed about Clear Sight, its own dual camera system. Qualcomm claims that its Clear Sight technology attempts to stimulate vision in order to offer the best picture quality.


As far as the sensors are concerned, Qualcomm’s Clear Sight dual camera matches with Huawei P9’s Leica dual camera. Both the brands have used a single black and white sensor and packed it with strong software. With this integrated system, the dual cameras use same mechanics to shoot two different clicks and bind them in real time. The use of black and white filter behind the lens comes with a handful of benefits such as increased focus speed, reduced noise, and sharper output. Further, the images shot with dual cameras make a special background effect which slightly blurs the background. Apple has integrated a totally different dual camera technology for its iPhone 7 Plus model so all the dual camera handsets are not technologically same!

Qualcomm is renowned for its chipsets. We hope Qualcomm’s dual camera technology; Clear Sight will work great alongside its highly efficient processors such as Xiaomi model.