PUBG Mobile Lite launched on Google Play for budget Android smartphones


If your smartphone can’t run PUBG properly due to low RAM and the low-end processor then there’s a good news for you. Tencent has officially launched PUBG Mobile Lite in the Philippines. As Fortnite is now available for premium Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note9; Tencent is trying to increase its users by giving support to almost all the Android smartphones available.


PUBG Mobile Lite is similar to PUBG Mobile but it has some limitations. PUBG Mobile Lite comes with low graphics quality and a smaller 2x2km map optimized for low-end phones. The maximum number of players are also limited to 40 instead of 100.

The game is now available in the Philippines only so if you are from a different country and want to try this game then download the APK file from here. You will also need to download the “obb” files and then copy it on your Android/obb folder.

PUBG Mobile is also going great so far. Currently, global users are playing 0.7.0 update. The upcoming 0.9.0 update which is in beta phase has implemented some cool features like Night Mode, FPP driving, new gun and many more. We hope there will be many more cool features in the future.

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free


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