PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Beta APK released with Night Mode, Night Vision, QBU Rifle


PUBG Mobile was launched earlier this year and it is still going very strong. The game is continuously improving and that excites its existing user base as well as the new users. The game has now more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. Recently the game was updated to 0.7.0 for the global users which got a new gun, War mode, 3x & 6x scopes. Now Tencent has released the 0.9.0 beta update for the Chinese users which adds a lot of new things in the game. So let’s check out what’s new in the 0.9.0 update.


PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Changelog

  • Dynamic Weather
  • Night Vision
  • FPP Driving Mode
  • New Graphic Style “FILM”
  • QBU DMR Rifle (Sanhok Exclusive)
  • New Vehicle “RONY” (Sanhok Exclusive)
  • Dance Grenade

Dynamic Weather

PUBG Mobile will have dynamic weather in 0.9.0 update just like PC version means it will include the full day cycle. Yes, you have heard it right. The game will start in the daytime and will end at night. Since in the dark we can’t see properly so there will be night vision goggles to see everything clearly in the night mode. This new feature will be available in 0.9.0 as a new mode.

PUBG Night Mode
PUBG Night Mode with Night Vision Goggles
PUBG Night Mode with Night Vision Goggles

FPP Driving Mode

We have got FPP mode in the 0.6.0 version but the driving is still in TPP mode. So finally in 0.9.0 update, we will be able to drive in FPP mode. The vehicles will also get inner side details in FPP mode which looks awesome. There will be a new vehicle called RONY exclusive for Sanhok map.


Just like the PC version the PUBG Mobile will get the new QBU DMR rifle in the 0.9.0 update. The gun will be exclusive for Sanhok map and it will replace the Mini 14 rifle. QBU DMR uses the 5.56 ammo and comes with three attachment slots. The gun also comes with a bipod attached which reduce recoil when you are prone.


Dance Grenade

There will be a new grenade in this update called as Dance grenade. If you throw this grenade on someone they will start to dance. This idea is copied from Fortnite though. In my opinion, PUBG is a very realistic game so adding these type of features will spoil the game for sure.

So these are the new features you can expect in the 0.9.0 version. As the game is in beta testing phase so Tencent may add new features as well as drop some existing features. We will keep you updated.


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