Opera Launches a New Browser Called Neon for Desktop


Opera has previously brought many browsers for Android devices which the users still cherish for their reliability and smart features. Most of the Android users still prefer to use Opera Mini than any other browser since it’s lightweight and consumes fewer data as well. It seems that Opera is now trying to spread out its legacy by unveiling its new browser for desktop called Opera Neon.

Sometimes you may be in a situation need of a secondary screen to view both pages simultaneously. Thanks to Opera Neon’s split panel which divides the screen to see two or more pages simultaneously instead of switching tabs. Neon comes with a fresh, attractive user interface. Interestingly, Opera discarded some standard UI elements like tabs, the tab bar, top menu and more. Neon displays the tabs as bubbles on the right side of the screen which were usually used to be in the tab bar at the top.

Neon recognizes that you often listen to music online and so provided a dedicated button in the sidebar. By using it, you can hear to your favorite music tracks on any streaming sites such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. There is also an inbuilt screenshot option which let you capture screenshots directly without using any third party software or add-ons. Besides these, it also has other attractive features that are worth trying, so go ahead and try it on your desktop.