Google to unveil Android Wear 2.0 soon on February


Google was supposed to unveil the Android Wear 2.0 last year, but that couldn’t happen since it there was something need to be fixed. Whereas now, an email from Google to app developers of the wearable platform assures that Wear 2.0 will arrive in early February. Google also asked the developers to ensure their apps are compatible with Wear 2.0 so that they work smoothly on next Wearable OS.

The upcoming iteration of Android Wear will also be compatible with standalone apps which don’t require phones to work. However, the apps that aren’t compatible with the upcoming version of Wearable OS won’t appear On-Watch Play Store app.¬†Google previously revealed that it could be unveiling its two smartwatches by this year.

Furthermore, these two smartwatches will be the first devices to run on next iteration of Wearable OS. Thus, we predict that they may also arrive in early February as well.