OnePlus 5 to have four colors, teaser suggests


While the real world is rich in colors, the smartphone world is white and black. Hardly do we see smartphones come in other colors. But hopefully, OnePlus is aiming to change all that with the OnePlus 5. Or are they? OnePlus seems to have developed a bizarre taste of fidgeting with customer expectations lately. Yesterday it was Carl Pei. Today it is OnePlus. Only this time it is much less secretive.

The company posted a teaser image on their official Twitter handle along with the question, “What 5hould the color of your next phone be?”

The image shows four colors. Two of them are the soft gold and the Black color which have already been seen on the OnePlus 3T. The other two, however, a red, and a weird blue-green-purple mixture haven’t been seen before.

So what can we takeaway from all this? Well, for starters, using “5” instead of “s” surely means the question is about the OnePlus 5. But what we aren’t sure about this whether OnePlus is polling its fans to select a particular color for the upcoming flagship or just displaying all the colors it will be available in.

What catches our eye mostly is the 2nd color. We have never seen a color like this on a smartphone before. But we have seen shiny glass finishes that reflect a lot of colors. We will know more for sure in the coming weeks as this story develops.


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