Nokia Partners with Verizon to provide End-to-End 5G Solutions


Yesterday we reported about the specifications requirement for 5G technology, that is expected to hit global markets within the next few years.

Today at the MWC event, we have Nokia announce their partnership with Verizon to launch the Nokia 5G FIRST service. Nokia 5G FIRST service will provide a complete end to end solutions for 5G technology that will be featuring the AirFrame and AirScale technologies, that will also have the MIMO adaptive antenna, mobile transport and cloud packet core technology which will help network operators to bring new industry level capabilities into their networks.


The Nokia 5G FIRST solutions will be commercially available in the later half of 2017.

The Nokia 5G FIRST will also feature latest radio components such as the MIMO Adaptive Antennas which will have frequency support for the 3.5GHz, 4.5GHz, 28GHz as well as the 39GHz bands. Nokia has also updated the current AirScale and AirFrame technology to match with the recently released 5G technology specifications.

Nokia will be working with client network operators out there to meet their demands and will primarily focus on improved scalability, performance, and flexibility for the 5G technology.

Nokia has also joined hands with Intel along with Verizon to provide next-level 5G technology home-based services in selected markets like Dallas, enhancing the fields such as home-based healthcare and entertainment.

Nokia will also be making use of the 5G modem from Intel to the initial release of 5G FIRST which will provide ultra-speed broadbands at home by replacing current fiber connections with fixed wireless access networks.



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