New Google Play Store 7.8.40 APK Download For Android


Almost every Android smartphones and tablets feature a Google Play Store app by default on their device. It is the official App Store for an Android-powered device from where you can access a heap of items for free. From Google Play, users can download various numbers of apps and games for free except very few which require you to purchase. Besides this, it also contains different kinds of Books, Music, Movies and Newsstand which you can directly buy from it.

Google Play Store

Mostly, all the items available in Google Play are secure so that you can download them without any hassle. It also has many other useful features which are handy in times of need. The Play Store app notifies the users to upgrade their apps whenever a new update arrives at the installed apps.

Like all other apps, Google Play Store app also repeatedly improve its functionality through updates it receives. Similarly, it has got a new update now which fixes various performance-related errors and improves it. You can get the latest version of Google Play Store APK from APKMirror or upgrade to it using Google Play itself.


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