Moto brings back “Hello Moto” phrase in the new boot animation


Today Motorola is totally under Lenovo’s control and it has only a handful of former employees on board. To bring some nostalgia back to the Motorola fans, Lenovo has integrated two Motorola branding marks back in the next models in the form of a new boot. The iconic signature marks brought back by Lenovo are the logo and the slogan.


Though it is a bit funny that the new Hello Moto voice has a Chinese accent, the interesting thing is that backing of iconic Motorola logo. Literally, the Motorola logo has replaced Lenovo’s own logo. Some fans will surely appreciate the fact of return of Hello Moto logo and voice but others might interpret it as a message that Lenovo is in full control, and Motorola is dead!

However, though the news of the return of the voice and the slogan is confidential, it is still not known that which Motorola Smartphone will get it. We can expect it to happen with the upcoming current generation Lenovo Moto Z handsets.