Meizu Introduces Super mCharge, Your Meizu Can Be Charged 100% in Just 20 Minutes


Chinese smartphone maker Meizu hasn’t launched a new device, but something more desirable than that. The company has launched an ultra-fast charging device – Super mCharge – that lets you charge your smartphone’s battery by up to 60% in mere 10 minutes, and fills it completely in just 20 minutes.


Super mCharge is a charging technology that has come of age and uses an HVDC electric power transmission system. Meizu, while giving an insight into its supersonic charging technology, said that the charger transfers up to 55W of power, and this is why it is rated at 11V/5A.

An upgraded USB cable has also been launched, which is an ideal fit for 10,000 insertions and can handle up to 160W of electricity (20V/8A).

When questioned about whether the charging device will melt the device or not, Meizu said that Super mCharge uses only 2 groups of conversion circuits, which boosts charging efficiency by almost 9%, which is really better than the predecessor mCharge.

The battery touches the temperature of 39C/102.2F degrees, which is workable and will not make your device prone to any untoward incident.


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