LG G6 Camera Specifications: All You Wish to Know is Here


The leak-making network is already working at a sizzling pace to bring out all it can on LG G6 smartphone, which is slated for a global launch on February 26 at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. The chain of leaks has got us thinking, and we are certainly left in no doubt that this smartphone will hit the nail on its head.

Now, as we say this, we bring you to the real point of this story!

In a latest teaser on LG G6, the South Korean multinational has provided a broad view of the device’s camera specifications. The upcoming smartphone, as revealed by the teaser, has wide-angled cameras, both on the front and the back sides of the device. Plus, the selfie shooter provides for a 100 degree of observable view at a given point of time, which we generally refer to as the ‘Field of View’.

LG G6 Camera Teaser

One of the cameras situated at the back is well-suited for an extensive reach, thanks to the 125-degree wide angle lens, which is capable to render a view similar to what human eyes are created to offer. Both the cameras are equipped with 13MP resolution and work in beautiful sync to bring you the most amazing shots.

The camera pack of LG G6 is where your search for an Instagram-ready camera ends. With a number of shooting modes, including the 18:9, 1:1, food mode and panorama, this camera is what the ‘photo-freak’ in you hankers for.

When not using the 18:9 mode, the camera app delivers the best by showing you all the recent pictures you’ve clicked on the screen, and thereby, minimizing the need to revisit photo gallery for the same reason.

And, here’s the golden stuff – you can merge a total of 100 images into a GIF directly from the inbuilt GIF app. That’s outstanding, isn’t it?

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