Latest update of Google Allo app allows the Assistant to Recognize Hindi


The search giant Google has pushed out a new update to its messaging app, Google Allo. The latest update of Google Allo brings Hindi language support to the Assistant and Smart reply. After upgrading the app, the Google Assistant in Allo will be able to recognize and answer the answers in Hindi.As usual, the users can have a one-to-one conversation with Assistant in Allo or can call Assistant by just typing @google in any group chat.

If you want the Assistant to respond in Hindi, you should say ” Talk to me in Hindi” or change the language setting on your device. Additionally, the Hindi language support also comes to Allo’s ” Smart Reply ” feature which comes handy for users to respond quickly. The search giant claims that moreover half of the Allo users make use of Smart Reply feature daily.

However, the Smart reply will also identify the language in which the user is chatting with and then starts to show suggestions in the same language. For instance, if you are talking in Hindi and the “Smart Reply” will show user suggestions in that language. So, now you can reply to your friend’s question “kya haal hai” with “Sab theek hai”.

Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, Google said that “since it’s launch, Google Allo has received a great response, especially in India, which has one of the highest numbers of Google Allo users”. Additionally, he said that “the Google Assistant is one of the most loved features in Google Allo and also revealed that one in every 12 messages in group chats are messages to the Google Assistant”. Lastly, he concluded saying “We are excited by today’s launch enabling us to extend these features to the other millions of users in a language of their choice”.

Previously, we have reported that the Google Allo is losing its spotlight in Google Play since because of lack of unique features compared to others. It seems that now Google is trying to come with more new features to its messaging app. The latest update isn’t yet available on Google Play Store, and it’ll arrive somewhile today or in a couple of days for both Android and iOS.


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