Google’s messaging app Allo is now degrading in Google Play


When the Google’s messaging app Allo stepped in, it created significant impact by attaining five million installs in a week. Right now, Allo has pushed down in Google Play Store rankings at 200. Moreover, it hasn’t moved anywhere since last two months. It clearly indicates that the app has lost its growth among the users.


The absence of competitive features in the app and not satisfying the user with their needs are the possible reasons for the situation of Allo. Primarily, the app doesn’t provide following features like multi-device support, managing SMS, and also to backup messages. Including it, there is also no linkage to Google’s Duo video service. Since there is no presence of any unique features that are comparable to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, etc. There isn’t much urge among the users to try out Allo.

As far as, we concern the best way for Allo to retain its position in Google Play Store will be integrating the Google Duo in it. Are you thinking the same way like us? Share your thoughts as comments below.