Hike copying Snapchat and WhatsApp, losing its originality?


Hike has seen its significant growth in last two years in India and recently their valuation is around $1.4 Billion. When WhatsApp was very dominant because of its simplicity then, Hike introduced some fantastic features which attracted users aged between 12-25. Especially the Stickers, Special Emoticons, and their Timeline were a great feature to use. Along with these apps, Snapchat was another app which was getting a lot of popularity among teenagers.

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook tried to snatch Snapchat, but he failed to complete the deal. Recently Facebook launched their new app Flash just to compete with Snapchat. And after that everyone is trying to copy Snapchat to attract more users. Yesterday Hike got a new update which completely changed the Timeline and introduced new Stories. This update also includes Live Filters, New Chat Design and Photo Editing Tools for the new Camera. And along with these updates, they have also introduced Video Calling. A few days back WhatsApp also officially announced Video Calling support.

Hike is a great app no doubt but they are always trying to copy the features of WhatsApp and Snapchat. The Timeline section was a great platform to use and actually a lot of people were using that to get all the latest updates, pictures of their friends and loved ones. After yesterday’s update, a lot of people gave 1star Rating on Google Play and even they don’t want Hike to copycat all the features from other apps.

Is it a good move to change the whole idea of the app to a new one frequently? I guess that will lead a bad impression to the daily users. We hope Hike will understand the value of its users and they will focus more to update their app with more original features rather than losing its originality.


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