Latest TrueCaller Version 8.0 Introduces Duo and TrueMessenger Integration and Payments System


Truecaller is a very popular caller ID and database application out there for both iOS and Android. Today the latest version 8.0 of the Truecaller application were released and it is the biggest update for the app till date in terms of addition of features. Alongside the release of version 8.0, the developers of the Truecaller application also detailed on a set of features, some which will are readily available within the latest app update while others will shortly follow, as future updates.


One among the features includes integration of both the Truecaller and Truemessenger applications. Earlier, both these applications were standalone apps. However, within the latest build, both the apps are merged together and you can still enjoy features of the Truemessenger app, such as identification of unknown SMS messages and spam message filter within the Truecaller app.


The Truecaller app now also lets you send preset flash messages from within the app to other users. These flash messages include emojis, short messages and you even can send your location via the app as well. The idea is to create messaging simple without the need to enter any texts manually. Another optional feature that will be present in the Truecaller app shortly is integration with Google’s Duo video calling application.


For Indian Truecaller app users, there are two new feature additions. One being that the caller ID feature will now be available on feature phones in India, thanks to a partnership between Truecaller and the network carrier, Airtel. This will be a paid service under the Airtel network, where users will receive an SMS on their feature phones with details on the caller before the actual call arrives.


Indian users can now also make use of the Truecaller Pay service, which allows you to send and receive digital payments. The Truecaller Pay service is a part of the application’s partnership with the ICICI bank in India and the app will make use of the UPI [Unified Payments Interface] platform for its functioning.



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