iPhone 8 Dual Camera variants will have Dual Optical Image Stabilization


A few days ago, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple would have three iPhone 8 models:  4.7-inch model with LCD display, 5.5-inch model with LCD Display and 5.1 / 5.2-inch model with OLED Display model.


Renowned analyst, Kuo believes that Apple will integrate a Dual-camera setup in at least one of the three iPhone 8 devices. Unlike iPhone 7 Plus this time Apple will integrate optical image stabilization (OIS) with both the camera modules. Further, he also expects Apple to redesign the telephoto lens of the Rear camera’s optical zoom capability to improve picture quality.

Apple might increase the image circle of the lens to support OIS with the telephoto lens. The telephoto lens must also be redesigned otherwise, the increased image circle will cause in degraded photo quality around corners.



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