iPhone 6c to come along with iPhone 6s and iPhone6s Plus on September 2015


Apple Company is still upholding the values of diligence and continuity as far as release dates and specifications are concerned. It is expected that Apple will release a new wave of iPhones on September 9. We can fairly guess that those will include iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus due to Apple’s long standing naming conventions!


This information suggests that Apple is going to continue its new phablet line with the September 9 release! The rumor waves of the yet to be launched iPhone includes small size, improved metal casing and so on but however the rumored date of release is few months after iPhone 6s and 6s Plus so we can’t e absolutely sure! A renowned American blogger cum editor cum phone leaker Evan Blass claims that all three devices might launch together this September! Evan has a fair track of correct information so this claim also looks promising.

According to some recent speculations iPhone 6c device will be small enough only to carry over a display of 4.0” size. This is a debatable topic because iPhone 5c turned out to be flop only for this reason. Rumors also say that the new model will come with a metal chassis and a better battery while the hardware parts will also not be directly borrowed from iPhone 6. However this information should not be taken for certain as it is not confirmed yet and all we can do is wait for the real story to come on 9th September 2015 at Apple’s annual event!


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