iPhone 14’s selfie camera is three times more expensive than iPhone 13


One of the biggest enhancements that are coming to the iPhone 14 family this fall could be the camera for selfies, at the very least, if an upcoming report from Korea can be trusted. Apple is said to be planning for high-end selfie cameras for the next generation of iPhones and is considering LG Innotek to supply the cameras, along with Sharp.

apple iphone 14 render

It’s the first time that a Korean company will manufacture the front-facing camera of an iPhone. Apple is believed to be defining selfie cameras as high-end products moving forward, not as low-end as they were in the past.

The camera from LG Innotek was originally planned to be used on iPhone 15, but Apple has recently shifted the date forward with speed. It’s due to issues with the quality of Chinese-made cameras, which were discovered in the course of quality testing.

The unnamed Chinese manufacturers have been rejected and LG Innotek is brought in as an alternative for iPhone 14 series. That’s the way it’s described in the unconfirmed rumor.

It’s time that Apple improves its selfie camera. If this rumor pans out, then the iPhone 14 models will have autofocus for their selfie cameras. This, in addition to the enhancement of other functions, is resulting in the cost of the front camera increasing by three times higher than earlier models.

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