Google further delays foldable Pixel Notepad


Google I/O this summer did not mention the foldable Pixel smartphone, which has been rumored since many months. This foldable is believed to be the Pixel Notepad. It is expected to retail for around $1400.

Pixel Fold mockup
(credit: MacRumors)

A new report by The Elec claims that Pixel’s foldable device has been delayed yet again. According to The Elec, people familiar with the project claim that “the postponement likely stems from the product not being complete as Google wishes.” However, this is not the first time we have heard it. Sources also claim that Google was in discussions with Samsung Display about the Notepad.

In November last year, a report stated that Google would not launch the foldable until the second half of 2022. This was evident by Google’s decision to cancel parts for its foldable device. DSCC also cited sources indicating that Google did not consider the product competitive enough.

The Pixel Notepad will use panels from Samsung Display, with a 7.57-inch main display and a 5.78-inch external secondary display. Both displays are made using Samsung’s UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass).

Google did not confirm the arrival of a Pixel foldable, nor did they give any timeframe. Previous launch windows had been based only on speculation and rumours. Recent reports suggest that Google is prepared to wait until its foldables are up to standard to be competitive with those from other major OEMs.



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