iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date: Pangu to Release Jailbreak after iOS 10.1 Update?


Most likely, the Chinese team named Pangu has successfully completed creating a jailbreak for iOS10. But, they have decided to wait before releasing the new jailbreak to public. The new Pangu iOS10 jailbreak is all set for release, as soon as apples new update. Apple has previously released two updates namely (10.0.1 and 10.0.2) for its current iOS. On the other hand, the company ensures that both updates were made to fix minor bugs and no major changes have been made. Apple has already promoted iOS10 in WWDC 2016 event.


As reported by, Pangu is expecting for Apple to come out with new changes. This affirmation of Cydia running on iOS 10 is a valid proof, that the OS can be jailbroken. Anyhow, Pangu has completed his work prior and is looking for apple’s next move which will be the release of iOS 10.1.

Apple has degenerated massively on the security breach and jailbreak. In both the previous version of the OS are said to have included patches and designed to fix the loopholes that jailbreak developers were working on. Undoubtedly, Apple thanked Pangu for resolving an issue that was provided in the change log of iOS 10.0.1.

Unfortunately, the release of iOS 10.0.2 might have to be kept on hold for the new jailbreak. It doesn’t mean that the jailbreak will be any longer available. It actually confirms that Pangu has not chosen the last two OS release by Apple to jailbreak on its basis.Now the new Apple iOS 10.1 has been released with some new features. Will Pangu launch the jailbreak now?

However, the perfectly working unaltered jailbreak is meant to last longer than usual. Some fans are saying that the jailbreak tool has skipped iOS 10. The next jailbreak can only be expected from Pangu, as other hackers like iH8sn0w and Luca Todesco are known for not making their jailbreak public.


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