Hackers Are Stealing Banking Details And Personal Info From WhatsApp Users


One of the most favorite and often used apps among the smartphone user is WhatsApp Messenger. Right now, the hackers have started hacking it and stealing users personal information even banking data, login credentials and PIN codes. According to a new report from IBTimes, the hackers have found a new way to scam WhatsApp users by sending them a malicious software masked as a document from government entities.

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There have been two viruses diagnosed so far and they both are originating from India. However, the Western hackers may also adopt the same tactic since they have already done many times in past. Apart from that, the report doesn’t mention of operating system, after all, the Indian smartphone market is large and runs by cheap Android devices running older versions of the OS. And it’s more likely that those Android users are the ones mainly targeted by the scheme.

The two viruses contain the names of two Indian governmental organizations, the NDA (National Defense Academy) and the NIA (National Investigation Agency). The malicious software is capable of retrieving private information like login credentials, other banking data and so on. However, the Indian security services have formerly warned about the fraudulent scam.

A couple of viruses are incognito as Microsoft Excel files with names “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls” and “NIA-selection-order-.xls.” And, we highly recommend you not to open the suspicious files that you receive from unknown people via any Instant Messaging Services.

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