Google Play Store 8.2.36 Rolling Out With New Tab View [APK Download]


Everyone must be aware of Google Play, a place where we can download various Apps and Games for free. With the frequent updates, Google has completely changed the UI of Play Store making it look much better than earlier. Currently, the app is going through another update regarding the UI which adds so many little changes to the Tabs in Google Play.

The new UI has changed the arrangement of navigational options to a much viewable area to make it readily available for the users. If you remember, the previous UI of the Google Play had main categories as Apps,  Games, Movies, Music, and Books. Whereas after the new UI update, it’ll be no more grouped like earlier instead they’ll have their own separate tabs at the top bar of the app’s home screen.


There will also be another panel below the top bar which includes navigational options like  Top charts, Categories, Early access and Family apps. Besides this, the arrangement of other sections like Top Free, Top Grossing, Trending and Top Paid are also changed. The new navigational bars stay visible for most of the time unless when you search or open an app listing or enter into an app level category.

The new UI is rolling out in phases and may take some time to reach your Android device. The new UI update doesn’t require you to have the latest version of Google Play Store 8.2.36. Some of the users have received the UI update in both versions 8.2.173 and 8.2.32. So it’s reasonable to say that this a server side update and you may not need to upgrade Google Play version to receive these features forcibly.

You can Download Google Play APK from here.

However, it is always good to have the latest version of the app installed on your device. If you haven’t downloaded the newer version of Google Play Store yet, then you can easily download the Play Store version 8.2.36 from here.


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