Google Play Services 9.8 launches with a lot of improvements and new features


Recently, Google Play Service has been updated with various enhancements and new features. The latest update, Google Play Services 9.8 comes with a disabled Nearby Notifications due to an issue that couldn’t be fixed within time. Since this disabling of Notification is only a temporary solution, we are expecting another quick update with a fix.


One of the best enhancements that came with the update is the ability to fill phone numbers associated with accounts through a single tap with the help of Credential API. Nearby Messages feature is improved with a new opt-in UI that also support hands-free operations. Google Fit is upgraded with a Goals API that allows apps to read fitness goals created by users. Similarly, the Cast API is also improved with Firebase and other features.

Download Google Play Services 9.8 straight from Google Play or APKMirror.



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