Google Pixelbook with Chrome OS and 12.3-inch Display Announced


Google is hitting back into the laptop game with the Google Pixelbook. The Google Pixelbook is powered by the Chrome OS and features a 12.3-inch display. The main highlight of the Google Pixelbook is that the device is flexible and features a touchscreen, thus allowing the laptop to transform itself into a tablet.

Google Pixelbook

The laptop is also extremely thin at 10.3mm and lightweight as well at just 1.1kg. Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processors will power the Pixelbook along with options that max at 16GB RAM and 512GB flash storage.

The Google Pixelbook will feature USB Type-C port for charging and claims to gain 2 hours of battery backup within just 15 minutes of charging.

The Google Pixelbook is accompanied by a “Pixelbook Pen” that Google co-developed with Wacom, the biggest name in stylus tech. The Pixelbook Pen will feature an angular awareness of 60-degrees and 10 milliseconds of latency.

One key feature of the Google Pixelbook is that in case your Pixelbook loses WIFI connectivity, it automatically connects to the cellular data network of your phone and this requires no initial setup.

The pre-orders for the Google Pixelbook begin today. The Pixelbook features a price tag of $999 and an additional $99 for the Pixelbook Pen. Shipping will begin from 31st October.



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