Google Home will now make phone calls, display things on handset or TV


Google launched Google Home smart voice assistant last year in competition to Amazon Echo and since then the features of Home are improving. It is powered by Google Assistant and Google has announced more features for Home in I/O 2017.

Google Home will support all the features of Google Assistant. Right now you can get the smart speaker only in the US and UK. But in new future, it will become available in more countries like Canada, Australia, Japan, and France.


Google Home will also support calling feature which we saw in Amazon’s smart voice assistant. If you have Google Home and you are in North America, you will be able to call the actual phone numbers from either your Google contacts or the numbers from Google’s directory if they are local business numbers.

Your number will be displayed as a private number to the person who is receiving your call. You can change that and instead show your personal number. Home will also get ‘proactive response’ feature. This works like notification system. It will notify you by lighting up if it has to inform you something, for example, traffic incidents meaning you have to leave earlier. It will talk only when you actually ask something that it wants to tell.

It will also give you Virtual Response to help you, like when you ask about a certain place and say ‘Let’s Go’, it will automatically send instructions to your phone and start Maps to navigate you. The speaker will also display calendar appointments on your TV through Chromecast if you instruct it to. The Home is also getting Bluetooth support so that you can use it as any other Bluetooth-enabled speaker.