Google Denies Claims on Cheaper Pixel Models, Says Pixel 2 will Remain Premium


Google marked an end to the wildly popular Nexus lineup of devices with the launch of the Google Pixel Smartphones last year, which was quite expensive when compared to all the previous devices that we had seen from Google but still is one of the critically acclaimed Smartphones of 2016.

As we have moved into 2017 we do expect Google to release a successor to the Pixel Smartphone or the Pixel 2 in the coming months. Even though we have not yet started receiving any possible solid evidence of the Google Pixel 2, a while back some trusted sources claimed that Google is working on a cheaper variant of the Google Pixel Smartphone.

Google Pixel 2


To put an end to all those claims and rumors, Google’s head of hardware, Mr. Rick Osterloh has officially stated while on an interview with AndroidPit that there are no plans as of now for a cheaper Google Pixel Smartphone and the upcoming Google Pixel 2 will remain a premium priced device. He also said that Google is leaving the low-priced Smartphones market for other competitive manufacturers.

When asked about the possible launch date of the Pixel 2, officials said that the device will be following the launch cycle rhythm of the industry, which roughly means that similar to the Google Pixel, we will be getting the Pixel 2 by the fall of this year.



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