Google Pixel 2 to Cost a Lot, Expected to Have Improved Camera


Rumors about Google Pixel 2 have already started doing the rounds. If the latest report is anything to go by, the next smartphone flagship will be a pricey investment. As per the report, it is likely to be priced at least $50 more than its predecessor Pixel.

Additionally, Google is also working on another device codenamed Pixel 2B for those who stay on a budget. Obvious to the understanding, Google Pixel 2B will be a low-end device but is also seen as a brilliant opportunity to experience Google’s smartphone endeavors.


The high-end Pixel 2 is expected to roll out a couple of features that are up a notch. To begin with, the device holds a great promise in terms of low-light photography. The report, citing its reliable sources, elaborated that the device will not have a large MP size, but will rather compensate in extra features. Waterproofing technology is a still an idea under consideration.

Google has roped in big names in the chipset industry, including Intel and Qualcomm, to provide chipsets for its next-in-line Pixel 2 flagships. There’s also a Google-customized chipset in the making.

While Pixel 2 will make a start only in the developed markets, Pixel 2B will be available for purchase only in the emerging markets.



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